Mailbox Repairs

Option 1: Custom Request…

  1. Take several pictures that show us the style and damaged areas (include back of mailbox).
    Note: You will be required to upload 1- 3 pictures of up to 2M max file size each.
  2. Complete this Request Form: Custom Mailbox Repair Request
  3. Wait for a response.

Option 2: For Fastest Service, select and pay…

  1. Choose which problem best describes your mailbox repair below.*
  2. Enter your contact info & Submit Photos**. (upload photos on the order page) 
  3. Make Payment. (Using PayPal, you may safely use your credit card and do not have to have a PayPal account.)

*None of the options match your situation? Please send a custom request.

**Take 1- 3 photo’s of your mailbox and upload them with your order. (2MG limit per image) 

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