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Mailbox Repairs


Option 1: Custom Request…

  1. Take several pictures that show us the style and damaged areas (include back of mailbox).
    Note: You will be required to upload 1- 3 pictures of up to 3MB max file size each.
  2. Click on and Complete this Request Form: CUSTOM MAILBOX REPAIR REQUEST
  3. Wait for a response.

Option 2: For Fastest Service, select and pay…

  1. Choose which problem best describes your mailbox repair below.*
  2. Enter your contact info & Submit Photos**. (upload photos on the order page) 
  3. Make Payment. (Using PayPal, you may safely use your credit card and do not have to have a PayPal account.)

*None of the options match your situation? Please send a custom request.

**Take 1- 3 photo’s of your mailbox and upload them with your order. (3MB limit per image) 

Additional Information:

Please provide the address of the mailbox repair if different from your billing address.


Upload Your Mailbox Photo's

Please upload 2-3 photos of your mailbox (include rear view, close up of problem areas). Once you have selected the files to upload they will show up under "TO UPLOAD" You must press the "Upload selected files" button after you selected them.

Max size: 3 MB
Min files: 1
Max files: 4

Deleting file, please wait...

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Our repair person will complete the repair within 3-7 days, and will contact you a day beforehand. You do not need to be there when he comes, but you should leave out all parts (by garage or front door). Unless otherwise specified, he will remove old Mailbox parts. 

Before & After Photos – Your satisfaction is guaranteed!